Dubai Creek Harbour is Dubai’s most ambitious new world-class mixed use waterfront destination. The project has a 5.6 Million sqm footprint, with a total GFA of 10.6 Million sqm. It is expected to have 48,500 residential units in total, and a population of approximately 175,000 residents.



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An Unparalleled Level of Sophistication
The architectural masterminds behind the Dubai Creek District have
taken their inspiration from the Arabic mashrabiya and the beams of
light that illuminate traditional souks. The one-of-a-kind technique
filters the sunlight through the perforations in the roof to create a
stimulating effect known as the ‘rain of light’. This will allow each
patron to enjoy an oasis of beauty and serenity that is unprecedented
in world retail.

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The mosque should as a minimum contain the key programmatic components required
by Dubai Municipality for an Eid mosque including but not limited to:
• Segregated male and female prayer halls – 85% Male & 15% Female
• Ablution areas – 180 sqm
• Toilets – 180 sqm
• Library & Quran teaching rooms – 200 sqm
• Imam and Muathen quarters – 3 BHK (roughly 130 sqm)
• Ancillary functions such as Imam’s office, Admin, Storage – 300 sqm
• Outdoor spaces- Gardens/ contemplation areas

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